Why do we need a storage unit?

Hong Kong is notorious for its smallness in size and shortage of land with its property prices topping the list in the world. Therefore, it is inevitable for home living space of Hongkongers to be packed and squeezed with around 161 square feet for each person on average which is only a quarter of space enjoyed by Americans and Australians. Storage space at home is also limited given the very shortage of home living space. In many cases, after the placement of basic and necessary furniture, there is already not much space left for other belongings and personal collections like books, records, wines and exhibits etc.  Even if you are fortunate enough to have the luxury of space at your home to accommodate everything you want and need, the aesthetic impression and living quality might be affected if your home ends up to be physically or visually packed.

To store meaningful and important belongings properly and free property space for other purposes temporarily, renting a storage unit could be an ideal solution. In fact, storage units have become popular in Hong Kong for decades and even something indispensable in lives of many.  Modern storage unit companies provide not only cheap, safe and reliable storage space, but also 24-hour access to storage facilities and transportation arrangement of goods for customers who can choose to rent a storage unit of their needs, preference and budget. Storage units could also serve as a flexible supply of free space which can help with storing things whenever there are renovation works and other necessary occasions.

When tidying up things, it is quite common for people to find a lot more valuable sundries than they expect and can properly store. Here is a list of things suitable to be stored and commonly found in a storage unit for your reference:

  1. Documents/ books
  2. Clothes
  3. Furniture
  4. Collectibles
  5. Bikes

There are 5 kinds of storage units in general:

  1. Storage Locker (or can be called “half-sized storage”)

Suitable for freeing extra space at home and storing sundries such as model toys, old records and other souvenirs etc. for your easy access at anytime you want. It is relatively cheaper than other kinds of storage units.

  • Small Storage

Suitable for storing clothes, sporting equipment and accessories and exhibiting equipment of companies.

  • Medium Storage

Customers choosing this kind of storage unit are likely to place their sofa, tables, cupboards, mattress, bikes, carton boxes or other company equipment.

  • Large Storage

Suitable for storing bulky goods, artworks and also big furniture and electric appliances.  Most storage unit companies can tailor make the size of their units to cater to the special needs of their customers.

  • Closet

Each closet is equipped with shelf boards and clothes hangers for hanging clothes unused. By using the hangers, fragile and expensive clothing like down jacket, tuxedos and fur coats can be hung in the air from damage and be ready for wearing at all times.

Storage companies provide different type and size of storage to meet various needs of their customers. But you need to be a smart shopper when choosing them. Consumers should put the quality and safety as the first consideration place rather than only focusing on the price.